norwich chen taiji school

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Hope you find the info you need. Don't hesitate to e mail or phone us if

you have specific questions. We've been teaching (and still learning!) for

over thirty years. We love the constant evolving practice of traditional

tai chi. That's where we put our energies - not in tests, grades, certificates,

belts, sashes, competitions, demos, memberships, business days, school

visits, self promotion and other distractions! We look forward to meeting

you. You can join any of our classes at any time.


Mon 7-8.30pm Beginners Chen Tai Chi, Norman Centre, Bignold Rd,

Norwich, NR3 2QZ  £7


Wed 8-9.30pm Beginners & Intermediate Chen Tai Chi, Norman Centre,

Bignold Rd NR3 2QZ £8


Sat 11.30am-1.30pm Beginners & Intermediate Chen Tai Chi  

Belvedere Centre, Belvoir St, off Dereham Rd Norwich  £10


Norwich Chen Taiji  School are proud members of the

worldwide Chenjiagou Taijiquan Xuexiao (Chen Village Taiji School)



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